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Thread: Water intake

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    Water intake

    I currently take in 1200cc of water every day, 50cc of water every hour 24hrs, through my feeding tube. Is that enough for UTI prevention?
    Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

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    It should be fine, but make sure to keep your electrolytes up. Take a look at gjnl's post (#1822) in the Microcyn Bladder Treatment thread.
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    What kind of tube feeding, and how much? There are formulas for determining how much free water you need in addition to the water content of your tube feeding (usually around 80%), taking into consideration how much protein you are getting as well for minimal good health.


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    Here is one way to calculate a minimum water need for someone on tube feedings:

    Calculate Water Requirements

    Step 1

    Calculate additional water requirements. This can be calculated by multiplying the patient weight in kilograms by 35 ml/kg. For example, 50 kg x 35 ml/kg = 1,750 ml of fluid.

    Step 2

    Calculate additional water requirements. People on tube feedings require additional water to prevent dehydration. Determine the amount of free water percent the formula provides. This information can be found on the formula or by contacting a dietitian. For example, a women weighing 50 kg has been prescribed full strength tube feeds at a rate of 55 mL/hour and requires 1,800 ml of water. According to the label on the tube feeding is 82 percent free water.

    Step 3

    Multiple the percent free water content by the volume of tube feeding formula that will be administered every 24 hours. For example, 55mL/hr x 24 hours x .82 =1082 mL of free water the formula provides.

    Step 4

    Subtract the free water supplied by the formula from the calculated total free water requirement. This equals the remaining volume of free water. For example, 1,800 mL of fluid -- 1,082 mL of free water = 718 mL.

    Step 5

    Divide the remaining volume of free water by 3 or 4 boluses per day. For example, 718 mL / 3 = 3 boluses of 239 mL of fluid.


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