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Thread: Housing Assistance - 2 bedrooms for medical necessity?

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    Housing Assistance - 2 bedrooms for medical necessity?

    Hi all,

    I'm a T3 complete and need space to do range of motion stretching, standing in a walker and braces, and a small bit of working out with dumbbells, from a physical therapy table. Is this enough reason for medical necessity for a spare bedroom? Is there anything else I could bring up to my doctor about this?

    I was approved for the housing voucher program, and am looking for apartments. 1 bedroom apartments are typically a large hallway for the living room connecting the small bedroom and the kitchen-and-enough-space-for-a-kitchen-table room. So I will have a choice of having room to do my PT or a couch for people to sit on. Unless I get a letter of medical necessity from my doctor, of which he hasn't responded to my request I made. I'm not going to be on public housing long, I am going to school for engineering and will become a working member of society sooner than later hopefully.

    Finding apartments for the state pay scale is tough too...$515 for 1 bed and $680 for 2 bed. At least with the 680 I might be able to find something that is not in the ghetto of town where I would most likely get mugged.

    Thanks for looking

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    You do not tell enough location information to possibly start to assist you.

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