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Thread: Epidural and Harrington rods

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    Epidural and Harrington rods

    I'm a quad but had scoliosis surgery 10 years before my injury and have rods from T2-L2 . My ob referred me to an anesthesia dr . Her plan A is still try epidural to avoid AD and use ultrasound to find where to insert the epidural catheter , and plan B is c-section. I really hope no surgery involved. Any idea if epidural still works in this situation and I can avoid c-section? I'm terrified

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    Moving this to the Women's forum.

    You can still get AD during labor and delivery with a C-section; plus you can have AD after delivery from pain from the C-section incision line. If the anesthesiologist feels confident that they can pass an epidural catheter using ultrasound guidance, this would be the best for avoiding an unnecessary C-section, and for controlling any AD.


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