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Thread: I give up!

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    I give up!

    IU will admit I am stupid, HOWEVER, how exactly do you attach/insert a photo to a message on this thing. Feel free to crack me in head as much as you want. I may knock some sense into me. Oh though, it IS when replying and NOT creating new message.

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    1 - Go Advanced (from quick reply)
    3 - Add Files (kind of green color 'plus' sign)
    4 - Select Files
    5 - browse to directory on my computer that has file
    6 - Select file (*.jpg, 119kb)
    7 - click 'open'
    8 - Back on CareCure, my file is listed, with size and a box with an 'X' in it
    9 - click on 'Upload files', a status bar affect, and then my file is still listed, but has a red circle/button with an exclamation point in it over on the right. Msg at bottom of box says 'files: 0 Total Size: 0'.

    If you don't get a green check mark after uploading the photo, but instead get a red exclamation point, the photo is too large. Try this site for resizing your photos if you can't do that right on your computer:

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    Thanks a million. Will try what you have said here. Probably tomorrow.

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