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Thread: Zero Turn Mower

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    Zero Turn Mower

    Has anyone come up with a nifty solution to easily transfer from the wheelchair to the seat of a zero turn mower?

    I'm plenty strong enough to transfer without any additional equipment, etc. However, in my older age I've started looking for ways to put less stress on my aging shoulders/elbows/arms. Especially after the issues I had with both elbows last year.

    I've considered building a ramp that I can pull the front of the mower under. I'd park my chair on the platform of the ramp and transfer to the mower's chair. I could pull out from the ramp, do my mowing and the pull back under it when done.

    Someone may have come up with a better solution that takes less material/time.

    Haven't been here in a while. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    I have a John Deere Z600 series mower and do this.

    1. I have a 3 ft long transfer board
    2. I put an old Jay 3 cushion where my feet go
    3. Pull up next to the mower in between the front two wheels at an angle and sllide over onto the cushion from my chair
    4. Put the sliding board back on chair
    5. scoot back and pull my feet up onto the mower
    6. do a dip like motion up from the cushion onto the seat. This may be a deal killer if you have shoulder/elbow problems but hey I am 50 and can do it.
    7. Put the old cushion on top of my chair.
    8. Mow

    It is a little cold in MN for me to do a video, but in a couple months....

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    I am in process of buying first zero-turn. Either Deere or Simplicity. Can I ask why transfer from front instead of side? Currently have tractor and have always transferred from side by positioning chair at angle near deck-rear wheel and then lean and reach steering wheel. It has54" deck so that a minor issue on length.

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    I have used a Walker mower since 2003. I just bought a new on last fall. The seat is basically the same height as my chair. I used to put one leg on the seat and pull myself over and then on. Lately I have been using a board - it's so easy to get on. I also have a snow blower attachment that I use in the winter.

    The controls are all by hand. The deck flips up so changing and sharpening blades is a breeze.

    I highly recommend the mower. Built tough and the cut is by far best in class.

    I use the Model C19.

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    Here are about the only picture I have of me running it. It is for sale. In these pictures I had the no catch deflector on because I didn't want to bag the grass.

    Name:  walker4.jpg
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    my son picks me up and puts me on it grasshopper there is no way I could transfer to it

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    heres mine super easy transfer

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    the knob you see by the seat screws into a plate we bolted on to bottom of seat thats what holds it on
    when i transfer over i unscrew it put it in the little bin by seat push the board aside and im gone we made it same height as my chair its a level easy transfer im on and gone in no time flat
    to alcohol the cause of-and solution to-all of lifes problems [homer simpson]

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    Have the exact same mower. For 12 years now. I put a, what is same design as parallel bar, but upside down into my ceiling of garage and my shed. I simply remove the steering arm (one grade 8 bolt 7/16) and slide it off. Pull myself up on mower, reattach steering arm and off I go. Repeat the process to get back off. Easiest way ever, and it's not trashing my shoulders. The bar runs perpendicular to the mower. I park under the bar so it's even with my shoulders.

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    This is a great thread, lots of helpful tips!

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