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Thread: Self driving cars - Benefit to the disabled????

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    Self driving cars - Benefit to the disabled????

    Not sure if this has been covered before, but I wonder if anyone has looked into the benefit of self driving cars for the disabled. I have not really followed the technology.

    - Will the passenger/driver need to be able to takeover the car/controls if the self driving system malfunctions? Could make a big difference
    - What about the blind? They could benefit enormously
    - I know some disabled people who will not drive on the freeway
    - No expensive driving controls for quads?

    Just a few thoughts to generate some other thoughts and/or discussion.
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    I would love to see an Apple Van with ramp access, a roll in locking mechanism for the chair and on board voice control / iphone directions.

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    I think it could help lots of folks. Save lives, too. Might take a few, along the way. Brings up murky liability issues. A person driving = at fault. Software driving = programmer's fault? I love driving, though. Been a gear head since forever, so I'd pass. Can see the merit, though, could be good. Since driving my FiL's Tesla Model S 85, I'm more convinced. Its drive by wire system is incredible. Taking the driver out of the loop wouldn't be a big leap! Although, since driving that car I fell in love with driving, again. What an experience! But, I digress...
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    There has been a visually impaired dude using the google self driving car for a while.
    I would love to see self driving cars as most people have no idea what they are doing.

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    I think one thing people tend to overlook is the savings that would be made for everyone in ground area devoted to parking. If the cars are driving themselves, it would be cheaper to not own the vehicle since "taxi" type services would no longer have their biggest expense (a driver). Something like 95% of the time your car is parked, doing nothing for you or anyone else, just taking up a huge amount of space. Everyone loves walkable cities, and the amount of space (and hassle) wasted on parking is so ridiculous.

    Cities could actually be built for people again instead of for cars.

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