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Thread: Smartdrive new model?

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    Pictures please and specs. I'm not asking you but if anyone can get them, please post them. You've got me plenty curious. Is it the one unit system, battery and drive combo in one?

    Quote Originally Posted by jakeyboy1 View Post
    Ok, got back from the so cal abilities expo last night. Was able to test drive the second gen system...... Awesome!!!! If you are in the market..... wait for second generation...

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    I didn't get any pictures at the LA Abilities Expo, unfortunately, but I did get a chance to demo the MX2. I'm in the market for a SmartDrive and, having demo'd it (and the MX1 at the expo last year), I will definitely be waiting the extra few months for the new model.

    The MX2 is a single-piece system, battery and drive in one. I have weak joints in my upper limbs, but in terms of weight it felt kind of like holding a baby: pretty heavy, but doable in one arm, and positively easy to manipulate and move around if you have normal upper body strength. In terms of loading it into my car, the convenience of the single-piece form factor will outweigh the additional weight of the unit.

    The rep indicated that it will NOT be outdoor-mode only, as the thread as suggested, but it does have a new way of doing outdoor mode: rather than have a button on your frame to toggle the outdoor mode, the user wears a fitbit-like device. That way, when you want to turn the outdoor mode off, you tap the bracelet against the side of the handrim. This allows the user to keep their hands on the handrims while braking, rather than taking a hand off the rim to toggle the button.

    That's what I've got on it so far. I have to say, the MX2 looks like a real prime-time device with an integrated battery. The booth attracted a lot of folks in part because the thing looked so sleek. In my mind, the MX2 has solidified the SmartDrive as the most attractive pushrim power-assist, as well as the one most focused on evolving and improving. When I see the progress the SmartDrive has made in the past couple years and compared it to innovations by eMotions and others, it's no contest. As far as the LA Abilities Expo was concerned, it was the ZX-1 for joystick power-assist, SmartDrive for pushrim power-assist all the way.

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    Great information, thank you. I am looking forward to seeing the MX-2 and learning the specifications. The current SmartDrive has a separate 10amp lithium battery. I am wondering what capacity Max Mobility has been able to maintain with the new form factor. Learning about the new switch is exciting, I am looking forward to seeing some video demonstrations at the company website.

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    Regarding "Pictures please ..." - a quasi-humorous comparison of the MX1+ and MX2 Smart Drive wheeled units could be likened to the suits seen in the previous and newest Iron Man movies.

    Seriously; however, the physical sizes are different, but not drastically different. Remember, the MX2's batteries are inside the wheeled unit rather than being tethered by a cord to a box kept under the wheelchair's seat. Thus, while the overall Smart Drive system weight has been reduced, the MX2's wheeled unit is a bit heavier than its predecessor.

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    Regarding "... rep indicated that it will NOT be outdoor-mode only ..." - that is good news. The previously posted information came straight from a Max-Mobility staff member. In fact; during the same conversation, the point was made to the staff member that the modes are implemented via software, so offering an indoor mode would not be a technical hurdle for the MX2.

    Incidentally, one of the MX2 brochures is here (note: "here" is not a link).

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    Thanks for the great information chalale. Sounds like it will definitely be worth the wait. The extra weight of the single piece might be difficult managing with just one arm but probably will be OK. Management of set up on my folding chair will definitely be a great improvement.

    WC_Sage, "one of the MX2 brochures is here (note: "here" is not a link)."?
    - Do you have a copy?
    - Are you embargoed from sharing it?
    - Do you have a scanner?
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    Regarding "Do you have a copy?" - yes, the previously referenced web page (referenced and linked to by another CCC member) exhibited information that came directly from the brochure and the associated conversation with the Max-Mobility staff member.

    Interested folks will just have to keep watching the website or ask to be added to the associated email list

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    should be more quad friendly. i'll let you know soon. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I'm meeting with my seating clinic next week so perfect timing. I called Max Mobility and they are emailing me a copy of the MX-2 brochure for me to bring to my PT.

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    Spoke to the local supplier who is using one and he is very impressed. One thing that had me puzzled was the wristband ... what happens if the battery runs out or the bluetooth connection is otherwise lost. He says the unit immediately switches and the chair is stopped with normal braking.

    I'm not sure but I think he said it reverts to indoor ... does that mean that the normal state when the unit is switched on is indoor, with outdoor being chosen via the wristband?

    The wristband can be recharged via a connection to a mobile phone. Should be available May/June.

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