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Thread: Smartdrive new model?

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    Smartdrive new model?

    Hi, I heard there might be a new generation soon. Anyone have any news?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mishahu View Post
    Hi, I heard there might be a new generation soon. Anyone have any news?
    Please cite your source, rumors cause problems with those on the fence.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I spoke with one of their reps last week. He said they would be showing the new model at the so cal abilities next weekend.

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    There will be a new model. Mark or his reps can talk about the details.

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    For those who have asked, there is some information about the new MX2 model.
    A link can be posted if requested.
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    I can help. I'm not a vendor or representative of any vendor. I don't even have a use for the Smart Drive since I'm a para. So let me help with some info. I don't need permission.

    The MX2 Smart Drive model; presently, exhibits only an "outdoor" mode, while the earlier Smart Drive model exhibits both "indoor" and "outdoor" modes. The Smart Drive MX2 model also comes with a bluetooth-enabled wristband that can communicate commands to the MX2 via a user's wrist-tap against the wheelchair hand rim or other object. The Smart Drive MX2 also incorporates the battery into the wheeled drive unit, rather than requiring a separate under-seat battery unit as exhibited in the MX1+ model. The overall weight of the MX2 is several pounds lighter than the overall weight of the MX1+ model. MORE-SOURCE

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    I've been told that the only difference in the new model will be the battery and drive wheel are all one, instead of 2 separate pieces. I'm waiting on my smart drive still and have opted for the older model (the newer one is estimated to arrive in May) as the weight being split between 2 difference pieces is in my advantage.
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    Also on that page it says MX2 will have only "outdoor mode" ...

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    I like the sounds of better for me than mine.
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    My DME provider just told me about these. I used to have a pair of emotion wheels on my wheelchair but they weigh a ton. This looks like a much better option. It's too bad they are moving me into a power chair now so I get the tilt in air pressure reliefs. I still get to use my manual chair to work out I guess but transferring between the chairs is going to be difficult considering I live in a facility. Oh well, I guess I better go the healthy route I'm just worried about putting on a ton of weight which is what happened the last time I spent lots of time in a power chair. I got up to 240 pounds and worked my way back down to 140 pounds but since this recent length of bed rest I'm back up to 155 pounds. Oh well
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