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Thread: Need advice on ordering Tilite TR3 and COG

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    Quote Originally Posted by TogsT8 View Post
    . . . Also, would your drawing program be able to reveal the wheel base and exact width of the chair? . . .
    My drawings will yield only approximate wheelbase and width because I have to guess at some measurements TiLite doesn't publish. If you tell me what your current wheelbase is, my drawings will be more accurate. TiLite has a chair-width calculator on their website.

    To determine my seat width, I sat on the floor with one thigh/hip against a door, placed a large book (e.g., coffee-table book) vertically against my other hip, and had another person measure my hip width (inside face of book to door). Because I have full sensation and often stand (don't desire a tight fitting chair), I rounded up to the next full inch, and use sideguards to keep wheels from rubbing my clothes.

    I will start drawing today, and expect to be done early next week, hopefuly sooner. Do you want a movie or just pics (i.e., screen shots)?
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