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Thread: Recoating a Pair of Coated Push/Hand Rims?

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    Recoating a Pair of Coated Push/Hand Rims?

    Hello everyone,

    Anyone know of any companies that recoat push rims? The ones I have now are all sliced up and falling apart, but they're so expensive to replace!

    I thought I read a few years ago that there are companies that will recoat them for you. I couldn't find that post using the search feature though, maybe because it was a very old post.

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    This might be the link you were looking for, but it said something about them not dealing direct. You'd have to call to find a supplier, or ask one of your favorites here.
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    A couple of years ago, I checked with and they said they do it. I never followed up. That was two years ago, not sure if they still do it.
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    If they're for 24" wheels, I have at least 2 pair un-coated laying around.
    You're welcome to them if you'd like to send in a bunch.

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