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Thread: Ti lite TR with rear suspension

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    I'm not an engineer, either, but I do own an Icon, and use one every day. The suspension is easily setup so that it doesn't compress under the force of a normal push stroke, yet, does compress when it encounters a sudden high pressure spike, like a bump. There are adjustments to the compression threshold, rebound rate, and preload which allow a wide range of operating parameters. It's far from just a simple "moving part". It does not have to move unless it hits a bump, if you don't want it to.
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    thanks guys. I'm going to definitely look into the Icon. I'm going to ask my therapist if I can sample one, I'm hoping they will be at the Los Angeles abilities expo in a few weeks.

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    The Icon is amazing, almost infinitely adjustable, and the customer service is the best I have seen. If Jeff Adams is at the Expo, take some time to talk to him and try out the Icon.
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    @MikeG - send me an email to if you'd like me to try to see about a demo for you.

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    There are different directions and types of force and movement. You can have no affect on forward movement, but have an up and down (shock) movement when required.
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