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Thread: Flap surgery coming up soon

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    Flap surgery coming up soon

    I have been waiting for almost 4 and a half months basically all in bed for surgery now I have a date for it on March 10. I have a very tiny opening on me left butt cheek but it has two tunnels one 4cm and the other 2cm the surgeon thinks he can fix it without bringing skin from somewhere else but won't know until he opens it up because in his words it can be like a iceberg small but underneath it can be bigger. Anyone give me some tips and ideas I have heard a lot already about flap surgeries. Also right now I have a chest cold coughing stuff up what should I do stay down or get up I'm not sure what to do? Thanks for the help!!

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    They go in and debride the entire area until they get Viable-fresh tissue so you will come out with a much bigger wound! You should call your PC about the chest cold!

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    I had a similiar one done in Sept.2013,,after they openened and debrieded they stiched it all up with a drain tube for any drainage..took tube out after bout a week. I was on a clinitron bed for bout 2-3 weekes after that then a hi-loft alternating air mattress bout another 4 weeks. They got me up 2 x day for bout 10 min after the surgury to see how it goes,,after the first week 2 sutures loosened up n they re sutured it. and spent the 2-3 weeks down to heal it. I probably got up a week or 2 too early..Then proceeded to gradually get up more, 30 min 2x day for week then 45 min n so on. It was alot of down time but the Dr. did a great job. I have been good since then and use a high profile roho.. thats how I ended up with the sore in the beginning was on a roho,it got a slow leak and I was bottoming out.. I cant find another cushion that relieves pressure like a roho though. I keep a close eye on it now as you can imagine.
    Well good luck to you n keep your chin up n think positive n have lots o patience.
    Heres a tip to help pass the time,,,ever use the Talking Books through the National Library? It" free and they send you a cool digital recorder with headset.

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    GOod suggestion. Anything that helps to pass the time!

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    How is life after surgery? What did they end up doing and what approach, i.e. posterior thigh or gluteal muscle assuming they did a full thickness flap. What is their protocol for the next 6 weeks? I have mine this Thursday following a similar attempt to heal a stage 4 with a small opening and a tunnel (7cm) down to muscle. I just decided while healthy and a desire to not waste another 4-12 months lying in bed with a wound vac that repairing it was best. I hope you are dealing with the restrictions for at least the first 2 weeks. Of course the surgeon doesn't know until they open the wound but at least I was informed of the wound being on the lesser of evil for flap repair. I am hoping this means a better repair. I have a lot of distracting toys and audio books to hopefully keep me busy.

    Give us an update. Best of luck for a speedy return to your life pre decubitus. I am sure you like me will make every effort to not have a repeat event.


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    I just ran into this post and see that you are having surgery tomorrow. Best of luck to you and Ty12!

    I am also from the Bay Area and am suppose to have flap surgery sometime next month, pending insurance approval.

    I will be at Santa Clara Valley. I looked into Stanford as well. Can I ask where you are having your surgery?

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