So, since none of the neurologists or MSi specialists in my area have anything to offer for SPMSi, the only "medical" care I get is from a visiting physican's assistant. I have edema in my feet from sitting all day working on the computer. A year ago, she prescribed Furosemide...40mg daily. She also prescribed 10meq of potassium to "pull water back into my intestines".

Great, except I was bouncing up every 45 minutes to pee. And, every 4 or 5 weeks, I was passing a kidney stone. I did some googling and found that Furosemide can, sometimes, cause stones. So, i stopped the Furosemide but continued potassium. Four weeks later, when I told her, she said she was worried about me getting too much potassium and ordered immediate blood tests. My Potassium level was mid-range normal. But, on her advice, I stopped...and, became constipated. On a hunch, I started potassium again...constipation cleared up.
Therefore...the question is...potassium or not?

If my gibberish to english translator is working correctly, 10meq = 640mg. Recommended daily dosage for adults is around 400mg, but, since I live in an assisted living facility where they prepare all my meals (no bananas, boiled tasteless vegetables, etc), I don't think I can depend on getting much from diet. So, I'm thinking I'm okay.