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Thread: Cord blood banking and cord tissue

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    Cord blood banking and cord tissue

    My baby is due in April and I have a few questions. Can the cord blood one day be used to treat my SCI? And what about the cord tissue? Is that necessary? I can't find a definite answer on this. Many of the threads on care cure were from 4 years ago and things have changed since then

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    How do you feel about the tissue. Is that necessary?

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    Long ago I asked Wise about the application of using a portion of my son's stem cells (stored in 1999) for a possible treatment for me. Unless there have been recent improvements to the technologies involved, Wise informed me that you cannot thaw out the cord blood, take only a percentage of the sample and re-freeze the unused portion. It's all or none. Therefore, were I to use my son's stems cells there would be none left for him to use should he one day need it. That's a pretty important consideration to bear in mind considering that you get only shot at collecting your baby's cord blood.

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    I was thinking that Stephen. But statistics wise, I hear it's like 1% chance a kid would use it right?

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