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Thread: Smartphone question - Samsung S4 - can I clone this device?

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    Smartphone question - Samsung S4 - can I clone this device?

    Hello techies!
    I recently upgraded from a Droid 3 to a Samsung S4 - I love the new phone but I've had bad luck with it. Cracked it right after months warranty and had to spend $250 to get screens repaired (after getting the phone from Verizon for $25 in upgrade deal). Now it's gone dead.
    Can anyone advise me - can I simply buy the same model device, from Amazon for instance, and put the simm chip in the new device? Does the device have to be unlocked?
    I want to keep the Verison Wireless plan but I don't want to shell out $500 for new device. Right now I'm back on the Droid 3 which seems to be indestructible by comparison.

    Thanks for any information!

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    Ebay has a number of them. Just search for a Verizon model and put in your sim card.
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    I do not think Verizon uses SIM cards? I believe they use something in the motherboard (for lack of a better word) - CDMA I think they call it ?? where you cannot just move phones via a SIM card (like you could with A T & T, T-Mobile, etc).

    You might want to check before you buy. If it is possible, please let us (me!) know.

    Thanks, and good luck!

    P.S. Verizon might be able to just switch the IMEI numbers with your new purchased phone and your broken phone, or perhaps revert to your old phone. I know they have some limitations on this (or last I checked, they did). Again, check with your provider. You will also want some guarantee that the IMEI number (unique phone identification, like a fingerprint) is not on "ice" because it is a stolen or lost phone. If the IMEI is on "ice," you've wasted your money. Consider buying from a source with buyer protection (i.e. eBay, and read up on the policies). The info about IMEI's and "ice" applies to all providers, I believe.

    Again, good luck!

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    Thanks for feedback - I flipped back to my old phone last night - Verizon makes that pretty easy via their web site.
    Looks like I have some research to do in order to get this right. I hope I have good information to share when I'm done.

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    Follow up.
    I spoke with a rep at the local Verizon Wireless store. He informed me that I should be able to use the sim card from my broken S4 in a new one purchased from a third party (e.g. Amazon) but I should make sure it is a Verizon version. Also, I need to be sure that it is not lost or stolen and that can be determined through an id number. Armed with this knowledge I will see what I can find on Amazon and post results of that experience just in case someone else out here might find the info useful.
    Right now I'm using my old Droid3 which is just an indestructible little brick - but I also now recall why I was happy to move on to the better connectivity and battery life of the newer device.

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