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Thread: cyst in a healed pressure sore

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    cyst in a healed pressure sore

    How common is it to develop a cyst in a pressure sore years after healing it? I'm guessing there must be lots of scar tissue, right? In such cases, what are the chances of healing the wound a 2nd time without surgery?

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    A cyst or an abscess? There is a difference. How do you know you have a cyst? Has the wound reopened (which, years later, would be considered a new wound). How deep is the wound (stage)?? Where is it?


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    At this point since bacteria were found in a culture by a dermatologist (sensitive Enterococcus Faecalis) I believe the wound qualifies as abscess. Scar tissue changed on the outside a month back, but I thought nothing of it. After four days of fevers, the site of the former pressure sore started leaking fluid (discovered the fevers weren't the flu.) Wound is on the left buttock, stage three, one inch deep...inner geometry, like a golf ball.

    The original sore the was more than the length of a que tip. Unfortunately, the plastic surgeon who originally supervised the wound closure now only does cosmetic surgery and won't see me. "I don't do that anymore." So I'm shooting from the hip, based on the input from a dermatologist (saved my life with an oral antibiotic) and what I've learned online. The fact that the original pressure sore was fairly deep (no bone involvement) makes me worry there's lots of scar tissue, and the wound will have to be excised.

    Thank-You so much for your professional input.
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