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Thread: Wheel Blades--A Brief Hands On

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    Wheel Blades--A Brief Hands On

    Just got a demo set to try this week.

    BTW, I am not going downhill.

    MSRP= $295.00.

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    sci otr: Do you think they would work with a zx1 attached to wheelchair? I just told my husband yesterday 'it would be fun to use skis on our road'. Already have knobbies on my zx1.

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    As long as you put them on first and will keep them on for awhile, I don't see why they wouldn't work.

    Watching how easily I can propel across snow/ice/slush with Wheel Blades shows just how much the front casters contribute to the overall rolling resistance that needs to be overcome when pushing a manual wheelchair.

    The main drawbacks that I've identified are that they would be difficult for many users to install without having to get out of the chair. While they clamp on easily enough, you have to wheelie into them first.

    This presents a problem to using them on a regular basis in the community. The skids are fabricated out of some sort of hard plastic (polycarbonate?). They do float over slush pretty well, but they would definitely get seriously scratched going across wet asphalt or concrete.

    I wonder if the inventor, Patrick Mayer, thought about integrating a "ramp" into the section behind the caster. That might make it possible to roll into them instead of having to land on top of them.

    For hanging out on the slopes, however, they would be hard to beat.
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