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    This is a great day for Canadians, very happy to hear this news. I am no longer trapped is a state where I am forced to have different individuals fondle my Anus, grab my privates, wash my body, lay in my own filth only to be cleaned by another like an overgrown infant, force to constantly ask for help to do the biggest to simplest tasks in day to day life like a sick dog living off of others like a leech etc. If and when the time comes that I realize a treatment is not going to be available in The foreseeable future to regain Independence and my integrity and preserve my dignity!m And/ or the secondary complications of being bound to a wheelchair from the neck down, such as muscle atrophy, osteoporosis, infections, respiratory problems, contractures, further neurological damage, synrix etc will leave my body beyond the point of repair no matter how much medical science advances. Keeping me dependent to face complete self disgust and indignity. I finally have an unfortunate, but reasonable and passionate way to preserve my honour By making it clean, dignified and most importantly by my own decision to not be a burden and face such disgusting circumstances instead face a real solution and go in peace, when A real solution like a treatment is no longer possible or plausible. Giving someone a chair with wheels design to sit in permanently, chair to shit in and tubes to piss through, telling them you're going to need to be cared for every day by others in a absolutely disgusting and indignified manner, for me personally robbing me of all self respect and honor that's not a solution, not by a longshot, that is absolute garbage. Oh wait here's a peer support group with others that most likely have better function then you, or have worse but have sat in the chair for five years (fucked up shit told to me all too often) no other alternative so technically forcefully, their brains mentally breakdown leading them to be okay with it, by way of forgetting, denial and mental breakdown, filled with ridiculous, unrelated, mix and matched bullshit one liners. physical damage is evident it's impossible not to realize the mental damage. Oh and if you really need it here is a antidepressant, sugar pills work just as well as a placebo, but here take the chemical version. Let's Give a clinical diagnosis to an abundance of sadness, not like a sane and mentally competent strong-willed person MAY want to keep their integrity and not be burdens or lower themselves to such discusting situations! In my opinion making that very brave decision, is a way to regain a little piece of lost honour, before we go, taken by a dependent and burdensome lifestyle...

    9-0 brought back to Spotlight by a quadriplegic Parliament member, well done.

    Funny part is supposed "disabled activists" are in a uproar or very taken back about this. When Are they going to realize that a couple gimps that have run through the system, followed the paved path sort to speak and are "accepting" of their injury/ disability, does not speak for the entire disabled community, not even remotely. Disabilities come in all different shapes and sizes, and severities. We all don't "adjust" differently, that's horseshit created by pre-meditated, generalized suppose it rehabilitation it's used over and over as if we are no different then sheep. In reality we all look at not just our own disabilities, but disabilities in general differently...
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    Seems like a good thing to me. I've always been comforted by the fact that I know how I am going to die. It's going to be by my own hand, not for a very long time (hopefully decades), but I'll be good goddamned if old age gets me. I can't imaging the frustration for those of you who don't have the means to take things into your own hands (literally and figuratively).

    At the moment life is good for me, but reflecting on some peers who have chosen that way out and a recent hospital stay have convinced me that this "thing of ours" is likely to end in a miserable hospital stay following years of decrepitness... I'm not really up for that. We should have more common sense laws like this in the US.

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    Almost all actions have good and bad consequences, but in this case I think that the good will far outweigh the bad. I wish we had it in the USA.
    C1/C2 walking quad, SCI from 4/2010

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    Not so fast. .. 12 months for government to enact new legislation.

    I suspect one will have trouble finding a physician to perform the procedure.

    I support this but let's wait and see that there are no more hurdles.
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    Right Lynnifer...lots of questions still need to be clarified and the Supreme Court gave the Feds, and their provincial counterparts, just those 12 months to draft new legislation. Quick time for such an emotional, ethical issue, and a Federal election's due this year too.
    Some of the questions - who is eligible? who decides and how? can a physician refuse? are all going to be part of the legislative / bureaucratic process.
    Still, I'm pleased it was passed. In a democracy, it seems to me to be a basic tenet of free choice.
    I'm not aware of any details, but I believe Washington and Oregon permit physician assisted death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Not so fast. .. 12 months for government to enact new legislation.

    I suspect one will have trouble finding a physician to perform the procedure.

    I support this but let's wait and see that there are no more hurdles.

    Agreed but i think were headed in right direction .either way there wil be TONS of hurdles.

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    They want to extend it another six months, now I am doing everything in my power to put together something to treat myself, but if I don't come into a large sum of money which I may and I may not, then I want this bill past immediately it would be nice to know that I actually have a choice for once. And can leave my money behind for spinal cord injury research! At least do my part either way. I am far from the only one who wants/ needs this law passed. Here's my thoughts that I wrote to send to them:

    "I myself have been patiently waiting for this law to pass. I am paralyzed from the neck down, for those of you that think that is not terminally ill let me explain this if I refused care or if someone never showed up to help me I would die on par with cancer starvation, dehydration, renal failure,: colon rupture, mass infection or a stroke from autonomic dysreflexia all of these would be racing to end my life, ( you know kind of what nature intends) just a decision of what will kill me first, and it wouldn't happen quickly but the symptoms would start very quickly. Some of you may think well don't refuse care well let me explain every day I am carried out of bed every night I am put in bed. Every other day I have no choice but to let someone penetrate my anus twist it around and remove the stool. This causes autonomic dysreflexia I have a catheter in my gut that right now I'm urinating blood that also causes autonomic dysreflexia. I have no sensation from the nipples down but pain through autonomic dysreflexia, spasms and nerve pain are felt every day all day. Everything that I do in a day is dependent on someone else, my accomplishments, getting outside, cooking, eating all of it cannot be done unless someone is there to help my life is not my own it is done through another's hand every day all day permanently that will never change, no amount of hard work will change that because I am a complete injury. Very real way my future is spelled out before me! I will be as dependent then as I am now if not more. at the age of 20 I am now 23 and I have osteoporosis all over my body, I've had unknown amounts of bedsores, UTIs, bladder infection, bladder stones and serious kidney infection, I've also had pneumonia I've also went septic. I tried to do as much as I can with my very little function I have, right now I'm typing this with my knuckle and voice recognition. Drinking my own water bottle, opening a pill bottle with my teeth etc would be considered an accomplishment that I actually achieved myself in my day that is how low this injury has put me, if I decide to do something more "ambitious" I have to ask and hope that someone will oblige. as a 20-year-old sexual function was destroyed, no sensation no proper function no relief, same urges just like any human being but no function. I am nothing but a burden on my family, and society even though I pay my own way, someone has to look after me at least a couple times a day, if I want to do more than just stay on my property, they have to be there all day. This is been the longest year of my life, waiting for this decision and now they just decide we want six months more two months from when I almost had a little bit of choice. A way out of bowel care, no more having my friends clean the putrid feces from under me, or laying naked covered in urine with not a hope in making the situation better myself. it was almost insight. Must be luxurious for these politicians to bicker and decide when I can have a choice or not, not like it's different from any other day always dependent on someone else. The sickest thing is I was conscious when I was launched out of my vehicle I knew exactly what I did to myself, and only myself no one else was involved and I asked to be left in that ditch, nobody gave me the choice. After seeing what was really in store for me and the true pathetic, disgusting and undignified reality I asked to die three times in acute care and rehab, I was told that I would just be taken into the hospital if I didn't cooperate, which basically means they would just do it anyways using my weak disabled body as an advantage, if I was able bodied I could just leave simply refuse care sign the paperwork bye . By cooperate they mean let them shove a tube down my penis every four hours, let them penetrate my anus, let them strip me down, let them carry me all so I could just sit in a chair and figure out things I have to ask before actually doing. Now if I was able bodied that would be borderline torture, harassment, sexual assault! Nope according to society you bump your spinal cord and suddenly that's an acceptable way to live. I don't want to have to go to Switzerland to end my life , My country has already force me into the most pathetic undignified existence I could ever imagine. Why? Because other people do it, because other people live like this so that just means I'm supposed to find it a worthwhile dignified acceptable existence and I'm just supposed to open my body to whoever's going to care for me usually burdening my parents. Talk about generalization and complete disregard for individuality, equality for the disabled don't make me laugh , some other complete quadriplegic doesn't mind being cared for they don't find it undignified, it doesn't cross their mind that they are just expecting to be taken care of through life , so you shouldn't either! If you do maybe there something wrong with you, are you suicidal, you don't want to be cleaned carried cuddled the rest your life, oh my God your weak haha I can almost taste the irony. this is the mentality I've witnessed, this is the kind of crap that was fed to me in rehab, because there's no better dignified option! They try to use quotes to almost forced me into complete delusion I'll never forget it right on the elevator "they told him he would never walk again, he became a sled hockey champion he proved them wrong". I'm sorry what? This is societies idea of treatment for quadriplegia Sci that's the kind of delusion disregard of the actual reality that I'm supposed to suddenly believe wholeheartedly. now some people feel the same way as I do of course often times they have the function to end their life . I would just like to pass with what little dignity I still have , Regain a little bit of self-respect by facing the greatest fear that is death I'm terrified of it, but I will man up and face it if this is the only future in store for me. But know what Justin Trudeau take your time man, there's quite an uproar about the refugees coming into Canada after the Paris attack, it's foolish to think that Isis wouldn't use the refugee movement to strategically bring in members... But that didn't matter you stuck to your plan, but all of us severely ill or severely disabled nope not worth sticking to the plan. A war zone, let alone a refugee camp would be a blessing as long as I had a healthy body attached to my head. I wanted nothing more but to join the military, I would find furfilment and purpose fighting or helping over there. And if I died well, I would've died an honorable death, Not pretty, not easy but deep down I would feel it was an honorable way to leave and that is for me to decide. and I know for a fact the man that fought beside would honor my request to die if my body was broken and blown apart, I would've established that with those close to me before hand to prepare for the greatly unfortunate event. come On liberals come on liberals let's make it 12 months let's really make the suffering last for all of us, maybe you should wait till the last week of approval just so we can taste relief before you rip it away. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, but it would be interesting if you could sit through a day like this and then make the same decision.

    The greatest example I can give that an independent person can actually comprehend a little bit is imagine you are thirsty at 3 AM, you forgot to ask for your water bottle to be put in bed but there it is maybe 3 feet away, guess what it might as well be on the moon! Now if you're lucky maybe someone lives with you, see you have a choice scream your heart to wake said unfortunate able-bodied person at three in the morning to simply hand you a water bottle with the simplest minuscule physical gesture, Or remain thirsty for the rest of the night until said healthy person wakes up this is by far the simplist example of the situations often encountered multiple times throughout the day for someone severely disabled and dependent. Don't forget that if you are dependent on this person long term they may become irritated because you woke them up affecting your life and future caregiving greatly... Maybe that will give you a little Idea today tomorrow or year from now I'll be here in the chair, that is guaranteed so take your time cheers "
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    Btw for Canadians that are curious or concerned about this the SCC graciously qualifies severe disability for assisted suicide when it is available, shocking I know

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