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Thread: ICORD is hosting another Cafe Scientifique

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    ICORD is hosting another Cafe Scientifique

    Join ICORD researchers on Monday March 2nd for a casual dinner and informal discussion about SCI-related research going on around the world. Topics will includeepidural stimulation (Kentucky) and olfactory bulb cell transplantation (Poland). There will be lots of time to ask leading SCI researchers your questions about current research.

    Speakers: Ms. Peggy Assinck (PhD student of Dr. Wolfram Tetzlaff) and Dr. Chris West, plus an expert panel of ICORD faculty members and special guests.

    Monday March 2nd
    Dinner ? 6:30pm
    Discussion ? 7:30 to 9:30

    GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre Client Dining Room
    4255 Laurel Street

    There is no charge for this event. Everyone is welcome but space is limited: registration is required.
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