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Thread: blood in urine

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    blood in urine

    I'm on Foley catheter until I meet my urologist in March. I use size 14 catheter and statlock keep popping up . so I use tape to stabilize the catheter. the problem I have now is there is sometimes blood in my urine. my gp wrote urine test ( culture too) but I have no infections.what should I do ? blood in urine ( at least once a day) freaks me out

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    It ks most likely irritation from the foley. If there is no infection then as i just said its irritation nothing can be done other than using the statlock like you already are.
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    Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids and also that you tape or use a belt to hold the foley in place. The constant pulling can cause irritation which leads to bleeding.

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    How much blood? Is the urine completely the color of blood? Do you have clots? Slight tinge of blood? Or is the urine concentrated and has an iodine color that could be mistaken for blood?

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    You might be developing a latex allergy. Try going to an all silicone foley.
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    no no no.. its only a few clots in the urine. but at least I see cloths once a day. during the night my urine is all clear. I tried stat lock but once I put the catheter and close it , it pops open ! I actually use silicon one ( clear catheter not orange one ).

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    worst part is when I by pass a clot I leak a little..ugh

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    If your not using the stat lock then you need to have it taped to your leg or somewhere because the cath is causing irritation.
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