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Thread: Joint cartilage!?

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    Joint cartilage!?

    How much damage is being done to The cartilage in our joints from being bound to a wheelchair, and improper and unbalanced muscle use? Most of us should know that the cartilage in our joints does not regenerate or reform, what we have is it, and it acts as the protection and lubricant in between our joints

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    Damage to cartilage is not done by being in a wheelcahir, but more likely the improper use of joints. It is important to balance independence and mobility with the need for joint protection. This is not something that we considered when I first started working in rehab, but has changed as we see people living longer and being more active. That balance is not always easy to achieve, but is really important. The younger you start practicing it, the more likely it is that you will have less problems as you age.

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    Well that's good to hear, so there won't be much damage to the cartilage in my knees, hips and ankles from being motionless other then spasms? Also can osteoporosis affect the joint? UnFortunately my right arm in general is far less functional then my left, keeps me from being able to do the few things with two equally functional arms , but something is seriously wrong with the shoulder. It is cracking with every movement sometimes sounds like it's grinding! I drive my chair with the bad arm in hopes of helping it but other than that and seating positions in physiotherapy no reason for it to be grinding with subtle movements.

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    Osteoporosis tends to effect the long bones first. Over time, it can effect the joint, but that is not usually where it starts. The cracking can be air pockets bursting- or bone on bone. Have you had an exay or CT/MRI? Do you have pain with the movement?

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    Not really painful sometimes it hurts but other times it is relieving in a weird way. No only had a MRI of the spine, haven't had a CT scan since I was hit by a speeding truck. Seriously considering getting an x-ray though.

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