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Thread: Ordering wheelchair online.

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    The width was changed in practical terms - the "narrow" part of the original one was narrow because of the wedge shape - where peoples legs ended up was in the part of the wing that narrowed from the 10 1/2" starting point.

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    I didn't come across the photo I was thinking of, but found this one

    And that goes along with what you just said, the WING is definitely narrower. The confusion comes when one person is referring to footrest width (which didn't change) and wing width (which did). I was referring to wing width, scott was referring to footrest width. Not sure which Donno was referring to yet lol.

    Edit: And here I finally come across the one I was thinking of.

    Depth changes, made me think of the slight difference between placement of the bar going across in the previous picture, and in this picture. Which is what I meant when I previously said I didn't think the width changed at the time the depth changed.
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