I wouldn't mind some input from the wise wheelchair gurus.
I am a crutch walking incomplete L1, who has used for the past 11 year, an old Quickie GPV. Now that I have good insurance, I am buying my first "good wheelchair" . I left Craig Hospital 12 years ago with a 16 inch wide tilite even though I fit into a 14 inch wide chair. They assured me that I would gain weight with SCI. I never did and still fit into a 14 inch wide chair.
So being semi-ambulatory, I lowered the chair so I could use my right leg to push me around the house and took the footrest out totally. I know it is only a matter of time that I injury my leg and would be a full time chair user, so I am ordering a Tilite ZR this week- a chair that really fits me.
Here is what I am planning. I am 5'7" and 150 lbs.
14" wide, 17" deep (I am going to use my current Ride Cushion),seat to footrest 17",non folding 90 degree 9 inch back, no dump- front and rear seat height 19",COG- 2.25 ",aluminum camber tube ,camber - 0 degrees (zero), rear wheel spacing - 1"front wheels - 4 x 1.5 soft roll silver ,Slipstream one sided fork, 25" Spinergy LX with large Surge push rims, long tabs.
I am trying to get the lightest, tightest ride I can reasonably get.
QUESTION- 1- should I get 85 degree or 90 degree front angle given my condition? (I stand up during the day to transfer)
Since I don't really have a prior chair to determine COG, the DME came up with 2.25". This was based on the DME's assessment of me in my Quickie GPV chair without foot rests. Should I rely on her determination?