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    Icon rigid back

    I've gotten a Icon rigid back. My butt crack shows below it out the back of the chair. (not that I care) Other people find this unappealing. Anyone have a privacy curtain that would cover me up and how would it mount?

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    I'm not familiar with the Icon backrest, does it have a hard shell and a soft pad velcroed onto it?

    Do you remove the backrest when loading the chair into your car or similar?

    If it is a soft pad velcroed to a hard shell and you don't remove it for loading then you just need a bit of fabric in whatever colour you like. Sew some velcro on the top of it with soft on one side and hooks on the other so you can put it between the shell and the pad and everything still sticks together. The bottom part goes on top of your seat canvas and under your cushion. If you have velcro there then you can use the same technique to hold it all in place. If you don't have velcro on your seat canvas then you might just need a slightly longer piece of fabric to tuck in and not come out.

    If you do remove the backrest regularly then you could always try a shorter version and attach it to the backrest but leave the lower half free to cover your butt, it just could get caught by the wind etc and not quite as reliable as the above method.

    Very cheap to make, just a bit of fabric and some velcro and sewing skills or a friend with sewing skills. good luck.

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    I had an icon backrest and it is super easy and inexpensive to make your own. Go to your local fabric store if you can or have someone else swing by and pick up a color of your choosing and a few strips of sticky Velcro. Put sticky velcro under pad on plastic part of back and another strip under seat. Cut fabric to size and apply Velcro to fabric. This allows you to clean and change out the flap as needed

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    ADI sells one. Rather expensive for what it is, but works well. Attaches with Velcro to back and seat pan.
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