As stated, I cannot get pics to post. I have tried large and small files/pics. Pics I uploaded a long time ago are listed and it appears that they would load.

See steps below. ANY help MUCH appreciated. Thanks

My steps:

1 - Go Advanced (from quick reply)
2 - Manage Attachments
3 - Add Files (kind of green color 'plus' sign)
4 - Select Files
5 - browse to directory on my computer that has file
6 - Select file (*.jpg, 119kb)
7 - click 'open'
8 - Back on CareCure, my file is listed, with size and a box with an 'X' in it
9 - click on 'Upload files', a status bar affect, and then my file is still listed, but has a red circle/button with an exclamation point in it over on the right. Msg at bottom of box says 'files: 0 Total Size: 0'.

I have also tried clicking on the icon for 'insert image' from the other options at the top of the edit box, or whatever it is that you type in.

I have also tried the 'basic uploader'. I have, a long time ago uploaded pics.

Keywords: upload add insert pic pics photo photos image images howto how-to how to photograph photographs