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Thread: no diagnosis

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    I don't remember exactly how dx occurred - it was a process. X-Rays and MRIs I think. Then a myelogram (dye in the spine) by the surgeon to identify exactly where to operate.

    I do remember (before the myelogram) the surgeon having me stand up straight and relaxed, then tapping me on the top of the head and asking what I felt (which I don't remember - sudden increase of left-arm tingling maybe). Whereupon he immediately agreed I would benefit from neck surgery (fusion of C6&C7).

    PS: I had been in two car wrecks the same year many years before.
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    I am a person with mild/moderate hexaparesis (impaired movement in 4 limbs, head, & torso) caused by RRMS w/TM C7&T7 incomplete.

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    I have a lot of stuff going on with my neck, and various headache conditions, and peripheral nerve damage in addition to neuromuscular symptoms so I'm an oddball and understand why they're having trouble teasing things apart. But yea sounds like I'm clear as far as MS, I'm sure there would have been something in the report from them doing my thoracic and lumbar spine. I had to get the MRI to look at things before I was cleared for radiofrequency ablation. I'd forgotten about that when I first posted asking about MRIs and dx, I've only ever had one thoracic and lumbar MRI but many skull and cervical spine ones.

    OP, you may also have multiple things going on. Like the SI issues may be related, or completely unrelated to whatever is causing other symptoms etc. But if the pain is really bad I would be looking into things to get some more relief.
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    the SI is probably the most painful; at times the joint in the left knee can get as bad, but not too often. There's been a few times that I was on my feet for a long time, such as a wedding, and I actually started to fall b/c it was like that joint just went out or something. I'd be just standing there & boom! I'm on my way down. Luckily, there has always been a chair or something for me to grab so I didn't fall.

    Last year, our family was getting ready to take a trip to Disneyland and I was worried about all that walking & how my SI would hold up. So I saw the NP at my doctor's office before we left & explained my concerns. She gave me a muscle relaxant to take at night. I ended up being fine on that trip & didn't really need to take too much of it. So I'm not really sure what causes it to get really bad & other times it's fairly ok.

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    I had lesions on my spine and not my brain. I was diagnosed with MS. Five years later my brain presents classic MS characteristics. I am a complete spinal cord injury. I've had my blood tested twice to roll out transverse myelitis. Diagnose just completely MS

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