I will try to make this as short as I can

I started seeing my primary doctor in order to get some answers on why my left arm and toes go numb/tingly all the time. Certain movements or positions will make it worse, but it's been a daily thing for years now. As we got into talking further & I mentioned other things that have been going on ... stiffness, pain, fatigue, dry eyes, weird speech problems, etc, she ran a few tests for Lupus. I'm not sure exactly what the tests were, but the ANA titer numbers were ok so she said "it's not Lupus". Repeated the tests and after talking about some muscle weakness she referred me to a neurologist.

Saw the neuro, who said first thing he wanted to do was order an MRI to rule out MS. So he ordered one of the brain only with and without contrast ... came back normal. So they want me to come back for another test, some kind of Nerve Conduction Study; I think it's called Electromyography.

Up until somewhat recently, the symptoms didn't get in the way too much of daily life. I'd have good days and bad days...bad days usually meant lots of pain in the legs, sometimes enough to where I'd just have to go to bed. With 3 young kids, that just isn't an option most of the time for me. But lately, the left leg is bothering me a lot more than it used to. If I'm moving around, just doing regular housework, it doesn't take very long at all before that leg is just wore out & tired ... almost feels like something is squeezing it, like a pressure on the inside, and sometimes it'll kind of trip a little.

My questions are:

1) is the brain MRI enough to say no, it's not MS? if not, should I ask for the spinal MRI?

2) has anyone ever heard of this Electromyography test, and know what they're looking for with it?

3) possibility of Lyme's disease?

4) what should I ask the neuro at the next appointment?

thank you so much for listening