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Thread: Battery for van

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    I went out to start my van today and it wouldn't start. There was zero power as far as I could tell. So I thought Priority start would save the day. I asked a friend to turn on the lights, then try to start it. Nothing. A friend disconnected the Priority Start, then put the volt meter in the cigarette lighter to check the reading on the battery. It read 5. My brother-in-law came over to try to jump start it. He said that he doubted it would start with a reading that low. He was right. He removed the battery and took it to Advanced Auto Parts. It turns out that they will test the battery free of charge. The man said the battery is defective. It is a Power Energy brand battery. Has anyone ever heard of that brand before?

    The mechanic at the store wrote down what was wrong with the old battery and taped the paper he wrote on to the dead battery. I plan on taking it back in the am to try and get a refund. It is only a couple months old and is supposed to have a 5 year warranty.

    Long story short, I have replaced the dead battery with a new one and the Priority Start is back in business. It started right up. I am confident that Priority Start will do its job, now that the battery is not defective.

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    Hi Sugarcube,

    I remember this thread from a while back but I may be missing some information in the middle as I thought it was only 2 or 3 pages long. Anyhow unless Advanced Auto charged the battery up(a 30 min procedure) prior to testing, they couldn't have diagnosed it accurately. It very well could be a defective battery as I've been seeing a lot of them cropping up lately. Expect the store that you bought it from to test it(30 min) before refunding your money. Also it may be a "full replacement warranty" which means that they'll give you a new battery not your money back.

    You probably don't want to hear this but I also think that you still have something in the van that is drawing off the battery when the the vehicle is idle. I don't know too much about Priority Start mechanisms but your van seems to be going through batteries like water. I'll bet that there's some sort of a trickle charger device that you can get installed to charge the battery when not in use. You would have to plug it in when leaving parked for longer periods though.

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    I agree with criordan, you may still have a problem.

    How long had the car sat before you tried to start it? How many days?

    I would think it would be easy for a mechanic to check if there is a parasitic draw on the battery while the ignition is off. There are clamp on meters that will do this (I am pretty sure).
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    It sat for one day without being started. So far the new battery is working great (fingers crossed). This is what happened to me last night on the highway. It scared the living daylights out of me.
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    Wow, I hope that wasn't the front tire?

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    No, it was the passenger's side rear tire. The whole tire looked like that, all the way around. It was a total blow out. I was very lucky. I was going about 65 mph when it happened. It could have been very bad. The police came. He came to the window, asked what was wrong, then when back to his car. The only other time he talked to me was through his loud speaker to tell me that the wrecker would be there in 15 minutes. He stayed in his car the rest of the time. It was cold out, but I thought that was strange. The tow man said that the jack that was in my van was "bowing" because it was not designed to support the weight of both the van and the ramp system. He still managed to get the spare on though. Some folks are just so nice. If any of you have spare tires in your vans, you may want to check about the safety of the jacks that are supplied with it, just to be extra safe.....and of course look into AAA. I do not have it.

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