I went out to start my van today and it wouldn't start. There was zero power as far as I could tell. So I thought Priority start would save the day. I asked a friend to turn on the lights, then try to start it. Nothing. A friend disconnected the Priority Start, then put the volt meter in the cigarette lighter to check the reading on the battery. It read 5. My brother-in-law came over to try to jump start it. He said that he doubted it would start with a reading that low. He was right. He removed the battery and took it to Advanced Auto Parts. It turns out that they will test the battery free of charge. The man said the battery is defective. It is a Power Energy brand battery. Has anyone ever heard of that brand before?

The mechanic at the store wrote down what was wrong with the old battery and taped the paper he wrote on to the dead battery. I plan on taking it back in the am to try and get a refund. It is only a couple months old and is supposed to have a 5 year warranty.

Long story short, I have replaced the dead battery with a new one and the Priority Start is back in business. It started right up. I am confident that Priority Start will do its job, now that the battery is not defective.