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Thread: Website and Video For Anyone With Upper Limb Disabilities Who Wants To Use The Gym

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    Website and Video For Anyone With Upper Limb Disabilities Who Wants To Use The Gym

    Hey guys, I'm new to this website even though I've been injured for over 10 years. Anyway, I just wanted to share a video and website with you that has totally revolutionised going to the gym and keeping fit for me.

    I'm a C6 tetraplegic who lives independently despite having limited triceps and no finger movement, therefore keeping my strength up is vital if I am to retain my independence. A couple of years ago I joined a normal gym but found that I couldn't use most of the equipment as it all required the basic ability to grip. I searched online for aids and came across Active Hands. These grip aids are so basic and easy to use that now I can go to the gym on my own, use so much more equipment and actually feel like I'm getting a proper workout!

    The link to the website and video is below and is definitely worth checking out. I honestly don't think there's anything else like it on the market and am so grateful for the difference it has made to my fitness routine!

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    Great set of video's. I already use activehands, but gave me more ideas for my workouts. Thanks!

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