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Thread: Bruising on bottom and testicles...

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    Bruising on bottom and testicles...

    Last night my caregiver noticed that the back side of my testicles were black and blue. I have also experienced bruising on my butt and perineum area. I'm just wondering if this could be from transferring? I don't really know what I can do about it other than look around for something to help protect my testicles. Anyone know of anything? I am c7 quad. I transfer from my chair to drive and to and from my bed. It just worries me a little that I may be doing damage.

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    I would be very concerned about this as it could be a bruise, but also could be a DTI (deep tissue injury) pressure ulcer starting. You really need to have it inspected by your provider, and should limit your sitting until it is evaluated. Sitting on bruised tissue can cause the skin to breakdown, and if you do have a DTI, you should not be on that area (your butt) at all.


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    Agree with KLD. I have seen quads banging that area on their wheelchair wheel when transferring. Could you be doing that?
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    Do you use a transfer board?
    That could be another possibility especially if it gets even a slight rough spot on one of the four edges.

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