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Thread: Florida Keys

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    Your profile says your 103 years old, so I don't know if you would be interested but they have a big festival around halloween in the keys. I've never been. But check out Look for the Fantasy Fest Brouchure. See the Fantasy Zone pg 50.

    I think it is a 10 day event with two days for Fantasy Zone where the ladies can come dressed as "painted ladies".

    Don't know about accessibility.
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    You can go to FF painted anytime you want. The biggest thing is to read the "program". On different nights there are different parties with themes. Black and white, pimps and hoes, pirates, etc. So you have the right costumes. The best thing as far as I'm concerned is the rummage sale down town of friday. It starts at about noon and people are rummageing nakkid.

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    I have stayed at the Crown Plaza LaConcha

    It is located in a great area has fully accessible rooms with roll in showers as well as electric door opener with a key fob remote they give you. This was a few years back that I stayed so inquire before making arrangements.

    There was also the Bone Shuttle their public transportation that had lifts on some. I was able to do the Island end to end in my power chair.

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