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Thread: opinions on carbonbike and force rx

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    opinions on carbonbike and force rx

    I was hoping someone on carecure forums would have experience on both the carbonbike (espically the 2011 model) and the force rx. There opinions on the pros and cons of each bike.

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    I don`t like carbonbike, flex to much for $10000, so the forc? rx would be a good choice and you will save some money, Carbide by Maddiline is fo far the best CF handbike(CF frame with aluminium fork)

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    I've had both and while I agree with Toto that the carbonbike flexes too much, it only flexes half as much as the RX which is terrible. It depends how strong you are and how much you care about efficiency. The carbonbike is a far better bike IMO but it costs twice as much so it should be. I upgraded mostly because of how flexy the RX was and overall I'm happy with the carbonbike and will be keeping it for a while. Carbonbike is lighter, has a better seatback )once you add some padding) better headrest, better cockpit setup and as mentioned less flexi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmorris View Post
    , it only flexes half as much as the RX which is terrible. .
    Wow, I didn`t know that, it`s difficult to see a Top End here, allmost all guys are with quickies RS, and imo with fixed fork flex less than carbonbike.

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    The issue with the RX is the head tube where the fork attaches to the rear half. They should have added another gusset or spar there to take the vertical load better. While climbing I could see the "bottom bracket" flexing up and down about 4". With the carbonbike it's maybe 1-2". Before anyone says it, yes everything was tight on the RX. I was a competitive downhill and xc bike racer for years and I have built hundreds of bikes from frame up.

    That said the RX is a great bike for the price, especially if you're smaller or have impaired arm function (less strength).
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    Thanks for the reply back guy. Really appreciate it! Its big investment even the cheap topend rx is expensive especially when it cost more that my first car

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    It also depends how technical and picky you are and how hilly of an area you're in. I'm sure most people don't even notice the flex but coming from my background I couldn't stand it.
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    I'm not real technical or picky but I do live in north Idaho and every where you ride its hilly

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    If a used CarbonBike were the same price as a new RX, I'd probably lean toward the CarbonBike. They are both fast. They both have some flex. However, it seems that there have been quite a few more failures with the Top End bikes. I know riders that weigh less than 160 pounds and have had numerous failures with their Top End bikes. It's just kind of the nature of the beast, really. If anyone is worried about the durability of carbon, check out this vid (sorry if it's a repost.)

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