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Thread: Re-infected foot?

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    Question Re-infected foot?

    Last summer I injured my foot. Skinned it pretty good dragging it on asphalt. Initially it looked like it healed well. Then in September there was a infection underneath what had healed. This got treated and I had no further problems. Now to my question. Yesterday my wife found a, how she described it, squishy slightly raised spot in the area I had injured. There is no redness and it is not warm. Wondering if there could be another infection?
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    It is possible that you could have an abscess or "pus pocket" under the skin. You should see your provider and have this further assessed. If it is found to be such, I would want to be sure you do not have any osteomyelitis underlying this wound. Ask to have a CRP blood test done in addition to a WBC count, and if your CPR is elevated, an MRI of the foot would be needed to further determine if there is any osteomylitis.


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