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    Awhile back I made a thread about the film million dollar baby. Great film, touching, honest, justifiable etc. Some agreed, some disagreed, some got defensive (surprise) one person told Me to watch the intouchables "that will give you a different perspective. So I seen it, and I am confused. For me personally I don't find it uplifting, as a quad, I seen the exact thing that I hate most about my life, The exact thing that makes The ending of million Dollar baby so beautiful and justifiable to me. I see a completely dependent man, that can do next to nothing (in his case absolutely nothing) on his own but call for help and wait. So he has a great inheridence He may or may not of help build, he made a friend. Anyone can make friends, is it only touching or story worthy if there is a disabled involved? No! Pretty easy to make friends when you got a private jet, especially when you're paying them. they obviously became close later, which is great, but I'm sure that was the main appeal at first. So he has a great mind, that's awesome. But he can't really implement his great mind by himself, and no amount of intelligence is going to help him if he is completely alone. The all so important brain, is going to die with the so much less important body (garbage) all because the BODY cannot function to support the almighty brain with what they both need, sounds like they are one in the same aka equals!

    All in all decent but boring movie. But not this New perspective driving, uplifting tail, not at all, because unfortunately I understand the full limitation and reality of quadrepalgia now.

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    James, take a look at a movie from 2004 titled 'Rory O'Shea Was Here' (alternate title 'Inside I'm Dancing')
    starring James McAvoy.

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