I did not successfully eat for a week or two, and I could not drink, so I lost a lot of weight. I had been around 95 pounds for a year or so at least (but with still pretty decent muscles). They weighed me in at Kessler in early October at 90 90 pounds. Since then I?ve been eating like a horse (on pur?ed food and thick liquid) and registered weights that I remember, in varying states of dress, of 72, 80, 73, 79, 78, and 81. So clearly there is a delay. I am guessing about two weeks, but that seems pretty short. I know a lot of it is probably just dehydration. I?m told wound healing takes a lot of energy. I fear a lot of it might be bone loss. I?m working hard to gain it back as muscle and bone muscle, although I might more aptly say that I am hoping, since I haven?t found more ways to work than isometrics, standing, and E ? stim.

Can anyone suggest what I might expect or any other muscle ? building strategies?