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There is a lack of a cellular bridge for axons to travel.

Most importantly, is that adult neurons don't regenerate their axons. It is genetic. You can get rid of any scar obstruction, provide a beautiful bridge to cross, but the axons would still not move. You may find proof of .0001% that may move a few mm's but the overwhelming majority intrinsically do not move. This is why genetic therapy is really the only way to get host axons to regenerate, imo.

Even if you could get them to miraculously regenerate, they wouldn't know where to go. SCI is like a brain injury, only with the cord (same tissue as brain).
Peripheral nerves can (they don't always, but often can) regenerate quite nicely, given certain circumstances, and their neuronal cell bodies are in the spinal cord. There are many different kinds of neurons but at least some of them can grow their axons after injury, following a "bridge", as you propose, of schwann cells.