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Thread: Doctors in China carry out world first spine surgery

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    What study is that picture from
    A PTEN study from 4 years ago.

    That's the kind of image I expect to see in any animal study claiming regeneration.

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    @EastDragon - where are those videos in chinese? I can get my friend to translate them for me. Please post the links here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    I've always been curious do we need to fully connect (as in all of those red lines exactly the way they should be across the injury) the cord and axons in order to have full function, full use of our bodies?
    james, the answer is no, you don't need to connect all the axons to their original points to obtain functional recovery. Animal studies suggest that you need at least 10% of the axons to have substantial walking recovery. However, recent studies suggest that the 10% may not be sufficient for regenerated axons. The reasons may be twofold.

    First, regenerated axons are very unlikely to be connecting to the same neurons above and below the spinal cord injury site that they use to. The brain does not know which regenerated descending axon is connecting to which neuron and whence each regenerating ascending axon comes from. We believe, for this reason, intensive training is necessary for recovery. The brain has to learn the connections again through repetitive training with feedback.

    Second, we know that synaptic connections will weaken and perhaps even disconnect if they are not used. This is one of the reasons why we think subjects in Kinming recovered walking and those in Hong Kong did not. The former received intensive locomotor training and the latter did not. We also know that some of the subjects in the Kunming study went home at 3-6 months, stopped walking, and regressed, although it appears that they can regain their previous walking levels with only a week or two of training.

    All of the above need to be confirmed on further studies. This is the first time that we have an opportunity to study recovery in patients with chronic complete SCI. It should provide important insights into not only the mechanisms of recovery but how we can improve recovery. We have been working on several different approaches to enhancing recovery with devices and rehabilitative strategies.


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    It's extremely exciting that we are finally able to study recovery in chronic patients. But the pace is very debilitating I wonder if 10% of axons would be enough to allow other functions to be regained BBS, sensation, hand, arm. Obviously your next trial may provide some light on that question.

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    I have been trying to contact all of the contacts on the clinical trial page for updates or potential for foreigners to get involved. No responses yet. Anyone else have better luck? any updates this trial is expected to be completed next year, phase II potentially already started.

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    i know a man of completely c6 had gotten some recovery .now he can feel his calf and anus when you touch him. his name is Liu. he still stay in a hospital of tianjin city.
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    Quote Originally Posted by east dragon View Post
    i know a man of completely c4 had gotten some recovery .now he can feel his calf and anus when you touch him. his name is Liu. he still stay in a hospital of tianjin city.
    Is he Acute or chronic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunasicc42 View Post
    Is he Acute or chronic?
    all are chronic

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    Name:  214545h4xfz1zrp9xmr4vc.png
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Size:  165.9 KB this is Liu. 51 years old. got sci before 2 year. He was subjected to operation on January 16 2015.

    i will update if have any new information.
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