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Thread: Recommend a quad friendly electric toothbrush?

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    I have had a Sonicare E series and just got one of the new ones and can't remember the model number. They have a big enough diameter to stay in my hand. How many quads don't suck the toothpaste out of the tube?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reader View Post
    IHow many quads don't suck the toothpaste out of the tube?
    I just leave the tube uncapped on the counter. I hold the brush in one hand near the opening of the tube, while I push down on the body of the tube with the side of the palm of the other hand. I can roll my palm over the tube to squeeze the paste near the top when it starts getting empty. Since I brush twice a day, I haven't found the toothpaste to dry out at the opening.
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    No hand function. I hold the tube by the bottom in my teeth and squeeze with my lips until some comes out and then pick it off with a toothbrush. I do watch in the mirror though.

    I either use a tube with a flip open cap or hold the cap in my teeth and unwind the tube with my palms. Use the Oral B Complete Action battery powered with a handle taped on. Can manage the 2 buttons with a tooth. One battery lasts at least 6 weeks, too much stuff plugged in already.
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    No Tri's or hand function.

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