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Thread: vans- new or used

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    do they put lifts on the mv rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    Husband and I are both in chairs. We were excited about the MV1 and went to a dealership to check it out 2 yrs. ago. Thought we found an alternative to our customary use of full size vans. But, no. It was so nice inside, but the deal breaker was I really struggled to get up even the EXTENDED position ramp (it has two settings, long and short as someone pointed out). Also, at that time the door controls were set in the door frame only so it was impossible for us to use independently. They may have changed this silly design by now. I don't think they put in lifts. In short, there was limited room inside for us as two wheelers and would be pretty tight if one wheeler was inside, along with a handcycle, as I understand you use. Ok, maybe you would use this vehicle as a "transport vehicle" where you stay in chair while someone else closes door and drives for you.
    Yes, we get frustrated that we always go with a full size van and drool over other vehicles we see. Even looked at numerous mini-vans over the years. We've now had about 8 full size vans and they have been pretty reliable. Mostly purchased new then taken to mobility dealer. We have camped, slept in bed in van, stored 2 race chairs vertically on hooks on side wall, later squished handcycles inside (plus our two wheelchairs while we sat in van seats).
    The only advice I have is to try not to be swayed by something tricked out that looks cool, whatever kind of van it is. Get something that will make you as independent as you wish to be.

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    Didn't someone report talking to a MV1 factory rep and the rep was dumbfounded with a 'you can drive?' thrown into the conversation? Seems the designers were rather caught up in stereotypes when creating that creature.

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    I hear you ancient, I watched a few vids of paras going up that ramp, no way a quad with no triceps could do it.
    this would be perfect, not in US though rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    I recently switched to a minivan after driving a car the last 20yrs. I'm C6-7 I have tri's but really no strength in them. I'm able to push up my ramp with the van kneeled but its not easy. Kinda wish I bought a full size van with a lift but it seemed pretty hard to find a decent used one.
    I really like this guys van... but again I don't think its available in the US. Sure would make finding parking easier than with a rampvan!

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    Having owned both mini and full-size vans, I recommend the full-size route hands down. There is no cutting of the unit-body structure involved, which I think allows the vehicle to steer, corner, stop, accelerate as engineered. Converted full-size are also generally less expensive. Back when Braun Swing-Away lifts where still in the US market, I could even park in a regular width space and still use the lift. It was the best set-up I've seen. The full-size van market makes updates about every decade, but luckily those updates are happening now with Ford, Chrysler and Nissan each with recent major entries in the market. The Chrysler is butt-ugly, but I have high hopes for the new Ford.

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    Is this something you could use? I read somewhere that it can be used to both enter and exit the vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    Is this something you could use? I read somewhere that it can be used to both enter and exit the vehicle.
    That definitely solves the problem, isn't it just a problem that they created...that is, shorter ramps are steeper. Why not a lift instead?

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    They can't put a lift in a mini van because they don't have a frame for support like a full sized van does. Is really a shame. The old VW vans could have a small lift installed because they had a frame. Sure would be nice if the VW Colorado was available in the states. How odd they name it the Colorado yet can't be bought in Colorado.

    The come along device video looks like it could be useful but didn't show how a person drags the cable back out to the starting position.

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    According to what I have read, the person would exit the van backwards with the connections on the wheelchair in the same positions as shown in the video for going up the ramp. So, I guess if she were to reverse the process, she would unhook/unlatch it from the chair after she gets to the bottom of the ramp, then replace it back to its original position after that. If the person chooses to go down the ramp without using the pull assist, I’m not sure what would be done. That is a good question.

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