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Thread: legs jumping at night

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    legs jumping at night

    Every night my left leg jumps around and keeps me up no matter how much baclofen I take. I thought I heard at one time where a person could try to figure out what nerve or what is causing it to go crazy and something like burn that nerve....anyone heard anything about his type of solution?

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    Could be restless leg syndrome or too much pressure on a portion of the limb. When I had an unknown issue on the side of my foot my leg would periodically jump for seemingly no reason about 5-10 times an hour making it hard to get any sleep. We found the pressure issue, solved it, and the moving stopped.
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    I'm always laying on my side, either with a pillow or no pillow between my legs and it don't matter if I'm laying on my left side or right side. I've moved the pillow around got different ones, stretched my legs out (worse) bent them up all the same results still jump away.

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    My left leg jumps at night usually for about 15 minutes and then it just seems to fade away I just thought it was just muscle spasms.

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    Mine drive me nuts. I call it the "creepy crawlees"; like bugs crawling around under my skin and it feels like my toes are always wiggling. Sometimes my leg will move like clockwork: every 8 secs or 13 or whatever. I've learned not to count because anticipating and focusing on it only makes it worse. I take 2mg lorazapam (Adivan) which helps relax the muscles as well as helpos me skeep. Adivan acts for only about 2-hrs.
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    it seems like it goes in cylces doing that for no reason that i can tell usualy towards dawn drives mw nuts

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    Legs jumping is sometimes associated with your body simply being uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Another reason could be a magnesium deficiency.

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    I would try stretching before sleep. It helped me.

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    Yes stretching before bed and tell your provider who might consider Tizanidine

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    I have suffered with this problem for years. When baclofen doesn't work, the problem is caused by a UTI or bladder pressure that has built over the course of the day. If it's a UTI, you know what to do. If it's bladder pressure, check your cushion. If you have been sitting on a hard cushion all day, get a new one. If that doesn't work, get a urodynamic work-up and discuss bladder pressure and bladder management with your urologist.

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