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Thread: Stimulette Den2x

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    Stimulette Den2x

    About 2.5 years ago I imported this stim unit designed to work with LMN injuries that would not respond to traditional US FDA approved stim. It is something I have used 8 days a week with very time off from it. It has restored much of my muscle mass lost from non use and lack of spasms and response to traditional stim. This has helped me both with my esteem since my legs were grotesquely skinny and likely helped me prevent pressure sores with the increased circulation and extra padding.

    I was getting ready to begin another session and as I powered up the device it stopped working. I checked the outlet and had a replacement power cable but they were not the problem. I have replaced the fuses and unless I have done that wrong it has to be something else. I emailed the manufacturer and they said unless it is the fuses there is not much I can do and it is not covered any longer with the 2 year warranty being up.

    I am trying to get an engineer friend of a friend to open it up and see if it something that we can have fixed here or the only thing I can do is try to buy another which would be thousands of dollars and not sure we would even be able to get it into the country again since it is not FDA approved.

    Desperate for any advice or help with this one.

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    I saw your post about the Stimulette Den2, did you managed to get it fixed by the way?

    I was thinking of getting one and I was wondering how long you had to use it a day and for how many weeks or months it took to build any new muscle mass?

    Thanks, any info much appreciated,


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    My name is Branden and this is my first post. I have a glute denervation from a non sci. I just recently flew to Amsterdam to see Dr. Rik Berkelman (Berkel Bike inventor) and receive the Stimulette Den2x (Rise Stimulator). I can answer any and all questions regarding the process, but check out Rik is a fantastic guy, along with his colleague Bjorn. I honestly was very surprised at how painless the whole process was. Good luck to all, and for everyone with LMN issues, the stimulette den2x will definitely help in many areas.

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    I forgot to mention that I flew to Amsterdam from Oregon. Berkel Bike main building is in Sint Michielsgestel, a town just outside of Amsterdam in southern part of the Netherlands.

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    Hey Branden, how much did you pay for procedure?

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    The stim unit cost 4,661 euros. The flight was about $1,500 and $300 hotel pay for 6 days. Its a relatively large commitment and financial burden, but if anything is worth it it's your health.

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    The stim unit may be a little more or less, but that is what I paid for it. I paid for the device about a month before I traveled over. I wish it could be shipped, but until the fda wants to corporate we gotta be shown how to safely operate it by a trained professional. My trip went very smoothly, Rik and Bjorn were very accommodating. But I only have experience dealing with Rik & Bjorn from Berkel Bike.

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    I should've said that the 6 day stay was my choice, but I would recommend at least 3 days so you can test it out yourself in the hotel room and get issues you may have resolved.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Stim guy do you have any problems with skin irritation from the pads or burns etc

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    Fyi the Globus stim units are supposed to have a denervated mode and they're considerably less expensive. Not endorsing just throwing it out there as a possible lower cost solution.

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