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Thread: Truck/SUV Conversions

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    Truck/SUV Conversions

    I am very interested in an SUV conversion. I've looked at SVM and ATC, and it appears that only ATC does the SUV conversions. Is there anybody out there with feedback on ATC?

    Also, for anyone with a truck or SUV conversion, how is the headroom? I'm pretty concerned about that. I'm almost 6'3" and I think I'll be pushing the 57 or 58" of headroom that they advertise. My other big concern is the width of the lift pan. I can't quite locate the exact measurements of the lift pans. It looks like 4x4 trucks have a more narrow pan. I definitely want a 4x4. Anyone had trouble getting their electric chair to fit?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I have a 2010 GMC with the SVM conversion. My Permobil C300 would not fit in their 4X4 conversion. I'm 6' tall and headroom is a close fit, but I do have the factory sun roof which makes the space above the head less.

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