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Thread: Compatibility of camber bars - Quickie R2 & Invacare A4

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    Compatibility of camber bars - Quickie R2 & Invacare A4

    Does anyone know about the compatibility of camber bars between a Quickie R2 and an Invacare A4? I've recently kiltered my R2 dual-adjustable camber bar (3 and 12 degree plugs) - and Quickie has marked all R2 affilated parts, most notably the dual-adjustable camber bar, as obsolete. However, Invacare A4 also has a dual adjustable camber bar, and quite frankly it looks like the same thing, just mounted upside down to Quickie. I don't care how it's mounted if I can make it fit. I can think of checking the mounting bracket width, and ensuring that the tubing (for clamps) is the same size and shape, and of course making sure the length is compatible, measuring actual items to ensure that we deal with the same size of product (vs. assuming that an Invacare 16" width will be a Quickie 16").

    If the entire Quickie R2 camber bar is removed, and the mounts are ensured compatible, why wouldn't replacing with an Invacare A4 camber tube work? Does anyone have pictures of an Invacare A4 dual adjustable camber bar? I can see the side in internet pictures (although not up close), and I can see sketches which look very probable, but I have yet to actually find an Invacare A4 (at all), especially with this feature to look at.

    Off to make more calls, as I'm unexpectedly home today.

    So glad this site is here for info to creative solutions!

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    Do you have a micrometer? I have two A4 camber bars, one new one in use, and the replaced one that we could try to compare with yours if no one has an absolute answer.
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