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Thread: Wanted: iBot wheelchair

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    Wanted: iBot wheelchair

    We are looking for an iBot wheelchair for my brother who sustained a spinal cord injury two years ago. He is pastor of a church with six children and eleven grandchildren. I was very excited to find this forum and see that the iBot chairs might be available through this resource.

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    You will probably not find one here, but take a look at Save the iBot Facebook page.
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    You know of course that the iBot is no longer made, and that even getting repairs or parts to repair old ones is no longer possible. Did you look into this due to the segment on Dean Karmen on Sunday Morning today? They should have mentioned that when discussing the iBot.


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    Hi KLD,

    I saw that on Sunday Morning, I think it was a rerun? If not, they should have mentioned that it was discontinued and support was no longer available.

    The best powerchair resource on the web is: for everything related to powerchairs, including the ibot.

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    i have an ibot that id be willing to sell needs batteries that i have heard you can get rebuilt.

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