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Thread: Why can't I use WC wheels on a handcycle?

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    Why can't I use WC wheels on a handcycle?

    So basically I still have dreams of travel eventually when life slows down a little bit. Getting into the great outdoors is a bit of a challenge on two wheels, so I figured maybe a handcycle like this would be a good toy to bring along.

    I'm assuming it bolts into the front axle much like the back wheels on my Freedom Ryder handcycle.

    What I imagine doing is somehow having a wheelchair like quick mount on the axles and when I'm ready to ride, popping the wheels off of my chair and onto the front of the handcycle nice and easy like.

    However I'm sure there is something obvious that I am missing that prevents this from being a possibility, as I have never seen a handcycle use these types of mounts for the wheels. Maybe they cant withstand lateral forces of turning at high speeds? Maybe mounting the hardware (disk brakes, etc) is impossible (though doesn't ADI make a disk brake setup for a wheelchair).

    Anywho, I'm sure there's something I'm missing aside from the obvious (cost), which I'm sure is a factor. If someone could please explain to me why this is a foolish idea, I'd appreciate it so I can quit dreaming about it.



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    The brake setup would probably going to be the biggest headache for a quick release/swap between a wheelchair, not to mention the fact that the tires on the HCs aren't the best for everyday use on a chair. It'd be easier to just drag your chair behind you.

    Here's something Jake has been working on recently...

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    The brake thing seems to have already been solved (if you're willing to monkey with it). I mean if ADI can hook it on a wheelchair it can't be terrible difficult to retrofit to a handcycle, right?

    I'm not particularly concerned about bringing my chair with me (though that could be nice), mainly the reason I'd like to do this is so I don't have to haul around two extra wheels on a road trip.

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    I'm familiar with the ADI brakes. I suppose they might work.

    The ReActive handcycles are easiest to transport on an external hitch-mount rack... which is less costly than an ADI setup.

    ADI uses cheap components anyway.

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