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Thread: UTI Scare?

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    Alright, so last Wednesday when I first woke up I had rectal pain and then my right testicle started hurting a little. I figured it would go away, but as the day carried on it did NOT go away. I remember feeling sick to my stomach during throughout the day. As I got home the problems increased, and now it's Sunday and I'm still not feeling where I need to feel good at. Friday was a good day, I remember it did not hurt as much as the previous 2 days. Right now, I feel sick to my stomach and whenever I pee it's a clear color. Although, earlier it was clear but cloudy at the same time. I don't know what's going on but this is day number 5 and I haven't been to the doctor due to all the people going there for the Flu. I don't want to go to a waiting room to get better when I'd only just get sick again. My testicle, only the right one, hurts 24/7 as if someone is softly stabbing it now. At first it felt like someone was just going left and right on it.
    Also, I don't have the "relief" of urinating, which may sound weird. But the same goes for when I'm going #2, it feels like I didn't get it all.
    Anyway, any additional information is:
    -I performed oral sex on a person 8-9 weeks ago.
    -He ejaculated onto my boxers & chin, but I had no cuts.
    -There are no signs of any STDs.
    I just want to feel better. Thanks in advanced.

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    You know that these forums are for people with spinal cord injury or disease, right? It does not appear that applies to you.

    You could have a STD (did you use a condom for the oral sex you describe??) or a urinary tract infection or epididymitis. You need to go to your doctors office. Wear a mask if you are afraid of getting the flu (and clean you hands before touching your face).


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