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Thread: Cellulitis question

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    Cellulitis question

    I had a really bad case of cellulitis on my right leg, and have been on antibiotics for 4 weeks. My temp is back to normal, most of the color is gone, and the leg is not hot to the touch, but it is a tiny bit warmer than the good leg - just enough to tell. In the past, I would stop taking the antibiotics when cellulitis got to about this stage, but now I'm worried about it coming back if I stop too soon. My doc is on vacation for another week, bit I'm really tired of the side effects (yeast and GI issues) and want to get back to normal. Any advice?
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    I would keep taking them until the Dr says its ok to stop, to be safe... But my issues of cellulitis have been with antibiotic resistant cellulitis so it makes me jump when it happens now. Last time I still jumped as soon as it started, and still ended up in the hospital. Can you get in to see a different Dr? Even one of those express clinics? Just see someone to make sure?
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    Stay on the antibiotics until you have finished your course. Stopping them too soon is one of the reasons we have issues with antibiotics today. Just because you are feeling better does not mean you are clear of the bacteria.

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    i was on them for 6 weeks donno im back to normal now nock on wood and hope it never comes back i was in hospital 4days intravenous antibiotics then sent home on keflex it sucked
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