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Thread: Coloplat Compact Male 14fr Catheters w/bag

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    Coloplat Compact Male 14fr Catheters w/bag

    I have about 50 boxes of 20/box. All are in date and most are near 18 months before the 2 year date from manufacture.

    I was laid up in bed for a while with one fractured leg, and then soon after, the other. I still use them and they make it much easier, cleaner, and less infections- but it will take a while to use them and I want to make sure they don't go out of date.

    The beautiful thing about them is you don't need a urinal or KY. I wash my hands, use a wipe and hold the catheter by the green plastic because the catheter is more rigid than a traditional red rubber or silicone catheter. If you have used the Coloplast Speedicath (which I used previously) they are similar but better(in my opinion).

    Retail price is $120/box. I am asking $70 but make me an offer. If you are interested PM me.

    I also have 15 2000mL Dover drainage bags and even some 4000mL bags available.

    I took a picture of some but I have to resize it before posting, it's way too big.

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    I am taking reasonable offers- any quantity. I have a C5/6 injury and they have made life much easier and I know they will help others too! Even if you do not use them all of the time, having them when out and about, or traveling, makes life much easier(and less complicated/messy)- especially when it is hard to find a clean environment!

    If you are not familiar with them-

    The inside catheter is 12fr/4mm and the outside catheter is 18fr/8mm. As you remove the catheter the outside portion comes out first and the inside catheter is held back until is is fully extended, then it releases. When using, the smaller diameter is inserted first.

    I personally use these and prior to switching I used a 14fr and did not have any issues. If anything, using the smaller diameter first was more comfortable.

    After use it can be reinserted into enclosure, closed, and disposed of later.

    I also have quite a few 2000mL(Dover) and 4000mL(Dover, Kendall) drainage bags that are all sealed and in date.

    Message me if you are interested!

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    do you still have catheters avail? Feel free to call if you do : 321-543-9068

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