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    Question for KLD

    You replied this answer in another post. I'm curious as to why the chains are dangerous.

    "Are you actually using a Hoyer (brand) mechanical mobile floor lift, or are you using that term generically? Hoyer makes several models, and except for the Advance, I never recommend them. There are better companies and lifts on the market now days. If you are using one of the old Hoyers with the chains, get rid of it!! Those things are dangerous and have been recalled."

    I've been using the Hoyer HML400 for 5 years now. Before that the Hoyer C-HLA (now they added the name "classic" to the model name). I used that for 17 years. I always liked how on the lift pump handle once you were over the chair you just had to press the lever in to lower the patient. The PCA only needed one hand to push on my knee and the other to push the handle. It was even easier when I got a lilt chair.

    My question is, why are the chains unsafe? I use a 2 piece custom made sling with lambs wool. Very comfortable under my under arms.
    The other one goes at the point just under my knee and is wide enough to make my thigh comfortable.
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    Te chains are unsafe and the actual lift as she said has been recalled due to the safety of them.
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    Actually, it was not the chains themselves (although this can be a PITA as they get lost, have to be set up on the right loop, etc.). The problem with these was that they flipped over with an occupant in the lift.

    Most powered floor based lifts can be easily controlled with one hand on the controls, using the other for assisting in aligning and positioning the person in the lift.


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